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9/12: Set Theory, Subversion and 6 Degrees, Jesus' Geneology and Birth

Here's what the whiteboard looked like when the morning class was done:

The afternoon class watched this for a devotional:

Both classes watched this:

Which directly related to our conversation on SET THEORY-become familiar with this, it will come up throughout the year:

Articles on set theory:

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Then we began looking at Matthew 1 and 2, putting some of these symbols to work:

-Jesus geneology (we noted it was the same word as "genesis"),

  • not just women, 
  • but 5 (hmm, remember that number)  women,
  • and 5 women who had a "shady reputation".

That's no accident; we decided that  one way to answer "Who is Jesus in  Matthew?" is
"One who includes all types, even outcasts, in his family,  Very centered set, and we are only in Chapter 1.  (:
Please be familiar with this crucial point, by re-reading Hauer and Young, p, 270, 2nd full paragraph

a chart revealing the "skipped" names from an article( link)

 "Matthew arranged the geneology to reflect the significance of the Hebrew gematria of King David's name which was the number 14 [D = 4, V= 6, D= 4; Hebrew was written only in consonants] and the significance of number symbolism in his division of the 42 generations from Abraham to David to Jesus the Messiah.  Matthew's manipulation of the genealogy is reflected in the fact that he dropped the names of the 3 Judahite kings in Jesus' line: Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim and Zedekiah [see 2 Chronicles 36:1-13], doubled the use of the name of both King David in verse 6 and King Jechoniah in verses 11 and 12 in the beginning of his 2 and 3 sets, and added the name of Tamar's other son Zerah (not in the line of descent) to make his list reflect the symbolism he desired in the total number of names/ males, and to produce 3 sets of 14 generations for a total of 42 generations from Abraham to Jesus of Nazareth.

Set #1
  1. Abrahamfathered    Isaac
  2. Isaacfathered    Jacob
  3. Jacobfathered    Judah
  4. Judahfathered    Perez
additional names of Zerah and Tamar (woman #1)
  5. Perezfathered    Hezron
  6. Hezronfathered    Ram
  7. Ramfathered    Amminadab
  8. Amminadabfathered    Nahshon
  9. Nahshonfathered    Salmon
  10. Salmonfathered    Boaz
Rahab (woman #2)
  11. Boazfathered    Obed
Ruth (woman #3)
  12. Obedfathered    Jesse
  13. Jessefathered
  14. David
There are 14 generations
         There are   3 names of gentile women
Set #2
      Davidfathered    SolomonUriah's wife
(note: David's name is repeated)
  1. Solomonfathered    Rehoboam
  2. Rehoboamfathered    Abijah
  3. Abijahfathered    Asa
  4. Asafathered    Jehoshaphat
  5. Jehoshaphatfathered    Joram
  6. Joramfathered    Uzziah(3 missing kings)
  7. Uzziahfathered    Jotham
  8. Jothamfathered    Ahaz
  9. Ahazfathered    Hezekiah
  10. Hezekiahfathered    Manasseh
  11. Manassehfathered    Amon
  12. Amonfathered    Josiah
  13. Josiahfathered    [see #14]
  14.Jechoniah[deportation of Judah to Babylon]
            There are 14 generations (no repeats)
            There are 29 names of males total if you include Uriah
            There is      1 female mentioned 

Set #3 (after the deportation to Babylon; notice no restoration is mentioned)
3. ZerubbabelfatheredAbiud
4. AbiudfatheredEliakim
5. EliakimfatheredAzor
6. AzorfatheredZadok
7. ZadokfatheredAchim
8. AchimfatheredEliud
9. EliudfatheredEleazar
10. EleazarfatheredMatthan
11. MatthanfatheredJacob
12. JacobfatheredJoseph
13. Josephhusband ofMary(the 5th woman) mother of
14. Jesus the Christ(bringing true restoration to Israel)



We had fun as a group  students assembled a manger scene..
But then we noticed that the  text

  • Nowhere says there were three
  • Nowhere says they were wise
  • Nowhere says they were men (:

But most importantly, we know from Luke, they didn't come to the manger when Jesus was a baby, but to the house when he was a child..

We took the wise men out!


The morning class watched the "Shadow of Herod" video (based ON Matt 2:1 a that the afternoon class had already seen,  You cand,watch the whole thing  here
We'll remember this video's important message of SUBVERSION OF EMPIRE throughout the year with this symbol:


6  Degrees of Separation:

"A documentary on networks, social and otherwise"
" (part 1):

Parts 23,  4 , 5, (not 6)  are also online

Kraybill, in  your  "Upside Down Kingdom," book, says,
"The Kingdom of God is a collectivity--network of persons....more than a series of
individualized email connectionslinking the King to each subject...[It] infuses the web of relationships, binding King and citizens togeter" -Kraybill (emphases mine)

Check out  New Testament Social Networks
by clicking here.  To see chart below, click it, then click again to enlarge:


We noted how Jesus geneology seemed CENTERED SET, and very much SIX DEGREES re:who it allowed in.

Do you and I have any surprising common Facebook friends?  Click here to find out.


For next time:

Read Hauer  and Young, chapters 4 and 6

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